Sunday, August 8, 2010

BreakAway Day

So 7am came very early this am. I fed the boys at 130am then went to bed. Was up every hour on the hour and at 7am I hear the faint cries of the twins wanting to eat. 5 1/2 hours sleep sounds good with twins, but can get pretty scarce when it is every night.
I politely woke Madi up and asked her to help me feed them. Thankfully, she agrees and slowly but surely gets up.
While I warm up bottles, get diapers and wipes, and grab a caffeinated beverage with my eyes basically closed, I also call my parents to inform them that this new mommy will NOT be at church this morning. They offered to come get Madi AND take the twins to church.
Now I can only do a few back flips and scream to the top of my lungs at this point. This not only means that I can sleep in, but that I will have some time at home alone!!! It's the simple things that make me happy.
They pick up the kids, I slept til 2pm(woah!) and I lie on the couch for an hour to read my new book on the Kindle(Same Kind of Different As Me). At about 5, they bring them back and that's when I realized how much I had missed the little boogers.

I loved the break...loved the sleep...and loved the down time...but I realize that these children are my life! They are the only thing I live for and the purpose for which God put me on this earth. I looked in Max's big, round eyes and saw such an unconditional child's love and couldn't believe how blessed I am.

Through all the ups and downs, poops and pees, spitups, cries, sleep deprived nights, and stressed out rants and raves....the love I see in the eyes of those babies reminds me how happy I am.

I think that may be what makes us moms capable of getting through the toughest of nights and the loudest of cries.